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Monday, August 31

Alcohol and Antibiotics

In the land of the chemist, this is a bad thing. On Friday night, I decided I'd see what would happen. And in true style, I encountered a wonderful tale of woe. It all started so innocently. I changed my status on facebook to "Why shouldn't you drink alcohol with antibiotics? I feel great."
I then got a few "that's not a good idea" or "you're mad" comments, but nothing too bad. I was sitting there, after having just the two cans of Strongbow, merrily chatting away and enjoying the effects of such chemical imbalance, when suddenly our favourite chemist added her tuppence worth...
"It's usually only a problem with metronidazole."

Oh. Shit.

The fingers were outstretched, ready to call the whiney meat wagon and the men in funny flourescent jackets. Panicking, I emailed and asked what will happen, when another friend and nurse added "don't worry about the ambulance. Just get a bucket."
"Oh, that's easy then," I reply. "I can cope with puking. As long as I don't die."
To which she same back with "From what I gather, dying would be the preferential option for those that have suffered this serious misadventure."
Said Nurse then asked if I could record clips onto youtube. Even I wouldn't stoop to that level, but then again, I can't find my camera anyway (that's another story).
You'll be glad to know it was all a storm in a teacup. Poor delightful Tania (more on her soon folks...) had to listen to me belching all night, and moaning about how I could be dying. I, meanwhile, had no ill effects whatsoever.
So the next time someone tells you not to mix alcohol and antibiotics, tell them they're full of something. And if they're not careful, you'll be empty of something...