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Monday, August 24

Beginner's Guide to being a teenager

Dedicated to my favourite teenager, I thought it was time I did a guide to translating what a teenager says to what they actually mean.
  • I'll do it soon - No I won't.
  • I have done it - No I haven't.
  • I was in bed early - I was in bed by 4. (no comment)
  • I'm just going on the PC for half an hour - I'll be on it all day, and you'll have to drag me away kicking and screaming.
  • I'm not hungry - Does eating mean I have to leave this game?
  • Can I bring my CD for the car - I'm fed up of your old music.
  • Can I borrow some money? - Can I have some money?
  • I need a job - I need money, but don't want to do anything resembling work.
  • This CD/DVD's stopped working - I knew I should have kept it in it's box, but I couldn't be arsed. It now looks like Torvill and Dean have been practicing on it.
  • I was chatting to my girlfriend - I was talking to some pervert on MSN messenger.
  • I'm bored - Entertain me.
  • I hate you, you're so unfair - Let's see if I can push the tolerances of what's acceptable by making you feel guilty and upset.