King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Monday, August 10

The beginner's guide to Welsh Films

Courtesy of the duck, here is a beginner's guide to Welsh films, or what they could be.
  • Dai Hard
  • Easy Rhayader
  • Dial 'M' for Merthyr
  • Severn Bridges for seven brothers
  • The Llandeilo that time forgot (If you've ever been to Llandeilo, this will make sense)
  • The Big Sheep
  • G.I. Jones
  • Dai another day
  • Uncle Buckley
  • Pennies from Evans
  • Who Aberdare Wins
  • Ramboyo
  • A Fish called Rhondda
  • An American Werewolf in Powys
  • Gogzilla
  • Sian of the dead
  • From Risca with Love
  • Treforest Gump
  • From Usk 'til Dawn
  • Evans Can Wait
  • Haverfordwest was won
You get the idea...