King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, August 20

Law and order

Isn't it amazing how the newsmakers dictate what we consider news? All doom and gloom, serious crimes are nowhere up the list of news items, compared to the latest deaths in Afghanistan or how MPs are claiming £42,000 for a mars bar and a cup of tea in Tesco's cafe. The recent news about the almost glamourous £40 million diamond heist in central London only becomes news because we have an almost romantic notion that the perpetrators are lovable rogues as seen in the Italian Job or Buster. Meanwhile, feel good news goes out of the window. I reckon if we were treated to more news about people helping each other, or doing the right thing, then we'd all feel a lot better. We'd allwillingly open the door for the next person, we'd all stop to let the old lady cross the street, we'd offer back change if someone gave us too much. The more we get good vibes around us, the more good vibes we give in return. Sure, we'll still have the nasty scrotes who aren't prepared to do anything for anyone but themselves, but they'll be in the minority instead of the majority.

A day out shopping
Yesterday John andI went out for what was supposed to be an hour and a quick glance around the local car boot sale. We came home some 4 hours later, heavily laden with all sorts of bargains and other things we both appreciate. Like a PS1 with loads of games for £3, a telescope for £2, a ps2 with buzz controllers for £25, and some posters for John's refurbished bedroom of the Simpsons, some Max Power cars, and two young ladies on Harleys. We also treated ourselves to Pizza Hut for lunch. A good day was had by all.