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Tuesday, September 15

Court in the act

Today I am in court again, this time hopefully getting a permanent residential order for John (the last one was only temporary, lasting only a month). Am I mad, wanting to keep a teenager? Yes, yes I am. I'll post again as soon as I get home.

*Update* 1pm, and I'm home. John will be staying with me at least until January, whilst reports are written into what he wants, what she wants, what I want, and what's most suitable. I dunno why she doesn't give up now, because apart from the poisoning in his mind, everything has to point in my direction. Living with a caring father where he's established, or living with his adulterous mother and her convicted wife beating boyfriend in a 1 bedroom flat. Hard choice as far as the judge will be concerned.
I've also applied for an extension on whatever residential order will be granted on account of him having his 16th birthday before he completes his studies. She doesn't care if he doesn't even do any exams, so she'd welcome him with open arms the day after his birthday in April. I want to at least ensure he does his exams. The judge can't see that being a problem.
Once again, thanks for all your comments of support and emails. It means a lot to me.