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Monday, September 21

On having a weekend of shopping...

Ebay is bad news. This weekend I have spend well over £400 on stuff on it. Although, in my defence, I got a hell of a good deal both times.

First win was this beauty. A nice 1997 Saab 9000 CS. 2 litre, turbo-fied, road eating *grunts like a man* mode of transport, to replace the crap mobile. Dawn (wrath of) pointed out that it looks very shiny, but what's it like when it's not wet. Who cares? It's in Wales, it'll always be wet.
The second thing I won was a TV. The electricians that were here a fortnight ago, making a mess of my entire house, managed to blow up my 32" Sony Widescreen TV with surround sound. And so, I got me another one on eBay for a whole £16. Hopefully (if the guy emails me back with his address) I'll be picking it up today.
eBay - Full of win.