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Wednesday, October 14

16 years and counting

Saturday nights 16 years ago used to involve a trip to the Comedy Store in London's Leicester Square. With the birth of John, the nights were put on a back burner, and for the the first time now in 16 years, this Saturday will see me treat myself and the delightful Tania to a night out at Cardiff's Glee Club. Admittedly, having abdominal surgery and watching a comedy show might be something I regret, but I think I'll be fine. And so, this week's videos are the 4 delightful comedians I'm going to be seeing.
First is a relative unknown called Bennett Arron. Some would say he's the new Max Boyce, but from what I've seen I'd disagree. He is a very naive Welsh boy, but his innocence is the basis for his comedy.

Second on the bill is a comedianne I have seen before on TV, but never in the flesh (as it were). Lucy Porter's been on the comedy circuit for years and years, and still never fails to make you chuckle.

Third to appear will be someone I've not only not heard of, I'm guessing TV hasn't either. Youtube has a few clips of him, but they're normally really bad quality or bad sound. This is one of the better ones. The guy's called Gavin Webster and he's a Geordie. He does seem quite funny however.

And last, but by no means least, the highlight in my books is a funny funny bloke called Tom Wrigglesworth. I have heard of him, but never seen any of his stuff, so I thought I'd search for him on Youtube as well. Oh boy, what a pleasant surprise. In this clip he talks about teaching his Dad to use the Internet, and his Dad deletes the Internet Explorer icon. What entails is hilarious...