King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, October 27

Happy blogday, and other animals.

Thursday is my blog's 1000th post, so please to be commenting how you found me, when you found me, and why you stayed (or didn't, and are reading this in the past).

Also, been given some sort of good news in the land of my belly button. (Don't read on if you've just eaten, or are squeamish.) The front of the belly button has died, and is a very messy flap of skin still being fed by blood vessels. This explains the extra blood. They can surgically remove it, in which case another trip to Chez Morriston is required, or they can dry it out and it'll fall off. I'm tempted to put the remaining flap when it does fall off into a sandwich, and take a picture... Maybe not.

Thirdly, the bear puzzler last week. The bear is white with red bits. It's at the North Pole, so it's a Polar Bear. The red bits are where BLS quite correctly pointed out it had been shot.

And finally, in my village, we have a barber who shaves everyone who does not shave himself/herself, but no one else. Who shaves him?