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Wednesday, November 25

Charity songs

We all hated "Do you know the way to Amarillo" when it was released a couple of years ago, and yet we all watched with glee when we recognised the celebrities walking alongside Peter Kay as he belted out this incredibly popular song. We howled with delight as Jimmy Savile (sir), still supporting his fat cigar and shiny shellsuit, strolled merrily. We roared with laughter as Ronnie Corbett went arse over tit backwards.
Friday saw the 2009 appeal of Children in Need. This meant that again Peter Kay stepped up to the plate, and fair plays to him, he did a hell of a good job. Taking 2 years, of which 8 months was recording, he had to overcome hurdles made of red tape on a biblical scale. The idea was simple enough. "Let's get all the kid's favourite characters from the past 50 years, and get them to sing the same songs." Of course, a different production company made each and every programme, meaning that they needed special permission to use the character royalty fee. Most of the companies however were more then willing, and even got the original voice artists to sing along as well. In a truly logistical miracle, he pulled it off, and the end result is this week's video of the week. I know I've posted it on here, but please, go out and buy the DVD, or at least order your copy from Amazon. In the meantime, enjoy.