King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, November 27

Misadventure in the land of Smirnoff

So, there I was last night, making dinner. A little voice called out to me, telling me to drink it. I looked over, and the nearly full bottle of Vodka left from TDT's visit last weekend was calling me. Now I hasten to add, Vodka does interesting things to me. First of all, it wakes me up. I have in the past drank a bottle of Vodka over the course of a night, and finally crawled into bed at 7 in the morning. No other alcohol does this to me, and like my father, we get drunk and fall asleep normally. Secondly, I forget everything I do in this Vodka induced state. I mean everything. I woke up this morning, thinking "when did I go to bed, what day is it, who am I, and I hope I didn't drink all the vodka or TDT will kill me." Further investigation showed I did. On a school night as well, not good. Now I'm sat at my desk, head thumping, slight dizziness, unable to eat, and saying to myself I'll never drink again.
We all know that feeling, don't we?