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Friday, December 11

Little things

How to wind up your local petrol station attendent No. 132

Break the little switch thingy that tells the car wash when you're in the right place, then argue about the correct car wash voucher when you return a few days later.

How to wind up your 15 year old son No. 1298

Just as said car wash is scrubbing away heavily at the windscreen, shout "BANG!"
Clean up small puddle left inside car.

How to wind up your girlfriend No. 2639

Laugh when she gets locked in her lounge after trying the door lock and finding it doesn't unlock after. Then watch with glee as her niece has to climb out the window to find both back door and front door are also locked.

How to wind up your girlfriend No. 2640

Post a video.

Have a good weekend y'all