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Wednesday, December 2

Open all hours

Don't laugh. This small rural community doesn't have a *real* supermarket. About 12 years ago, the whole village was reeling from the news that a Co-op was coming to town. The local shops objected. The local residents rubbed their hand with glee that they'd no longer have to travel 5 miles to get to a supermarket. The reality was a lot starker. The Co-op was built. Being a Co-op it's not cheap, but convenient and has a lot larger selection then any tiny enterprising shop could wish for, but it's hardly push-the-boat out territory. Then last year, some bright spark at the corporate giant Tesco decided we could do with a branch here, whilst our nearest Tesco is only 5 miles down the valley. The same arguments are being made, the same pitiful excuses for why it shouldn't be allowed are being put forward. The reality is, it'll be a few hundred yards away from the Co-op. The only business that will suffer will be the Co-op. I know people who shop at Co-op because they're lifetime members, and travel from miles around, passing by Tesco/Asda/Morrisons on the way. So it'll not suffer that much, but the boon for the local residents will be worth every penny. Let's see if it happens though. The council will have to have their pockets laced quite heavily, but being Powys and Tesco, I can see a deal being struck no matter how many people object. Meanwhile, the BBC cover it. It's so rare for the BBC to even visit the area, so it'll be nice to show my readers a little of what the UK looked like 50 years ago, because that's what it's like here. It's like living in a timewarp, and it's lovely.

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