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Monday, January 11

On being a confirmed nerd

"HOW DID WE MEET? Everyone is playing this game! Copy and paste this phrase on to your profile and you will find it amusing to remember how you met! Before you do that, answer for me!"
The status on facebook was simple enough.A few of my friends had written it, so I thought I'd do the same. I wanted to see how popular I was, and who remembered me well from my school days. Oh how wrong I was.
Before I go any further, I'd like to explain I have 257 friends on facebook. I reckon about 100 are old school friends, be it primary school or secondary school or both. I reckon I have another 100 or so people associated with work, be it customers, students, just people I've done jobs for in the past. A very small minority of my friends I know from 'online.' Mostly they're known through Lycos Chat, a chat room that no longer exists, taking the new moniker of Noesis. I used this chat to help pass my online teaching certificate back in 2002, and made a lot of friends whilst in there. Then, in December 2003 I started to blog, and have made a few friends from that as well, as last year's blogger's meet in London will attest to.
So, when I posted the status on facebook, I expected loads from school friends. I get 3. I expected loads from work related people. I get 2. I expected a couple of people from online, I get 17. I also hasten to add, this includes TDT, who chatted me up on chat.

Me? Nerd?