King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, January 29

Tales of Doug Heffernan

So, yes, I spent a week helping out a mate as a delivery driver. This does not make me the King of Queens (I know my father won't get this obscure reference, but hey ho), but what it does do is teach me something new about driving.
Admittedly, the van was very comfortable. It isn't too difficult to drive for twelve hours without a break when you are sat in a comfy seat. Yes. That's right, 12 hours. Now, TDT's been on at me all week about "6:30am? Now you know what I have to put up with every day." The reality is some what harsher. I have worked flat out for 48 hours straight in the past. In an office environment you're sat down, the only thing really ticking over is your brain and maybe your typing fingers. It is tiring. Or, I have been up for 24 hours working for a bedding company, packing boxes. This is physical labour, and again is very tiring. The problem with driving is it's both. Want proof? What's the longest you've ever driven, non-stop? most people I have spoken to agree it's probably 5 or six hours. Maybe it's been more, but you have stopped along the way. And how do you feel afterwards. Dead, probably. So, there I am, for 4 days, driving as much as 12 hours non-stop. Dead was not the word! Now I am concentrating all that time, but admittedly it's not mind breaking concentration. And I am being physical all that time, but it's not back-breaking physicality. But it's a situation by the end of the 4 days I was really starting to enjoy. And this was verified by the fact as I got better throughout the duration, the days got shorter. By Wednesday I was actually on the road for 8.5 hours, which felt like a half day. And I was racing round. I'd really got to know the van and how to drive it, and I was having fun.
The reality is however, I could never do it for a living. The driving's fun. I've gotten used to the early starts. But it's just so BORING! Get address, find it on sat nav, find house/office, find parcel, knock on door, find neighbour to leave with, write out "sorry we missed you card," move on to next drop. All day. 50 times a day.