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Tuesday, February 16

On being ripped off in the high street.

We need a new law. The existing law is there to protect us, but it doesn't help us when we're sold a faulty item. The sale of goods act says that if an item is sold and is not fit for it's purpose then that contract is no longer valid between the vendor and Joe Bloggs in the street. This means that Joe Bloggs can insist on several causes of action, namely a refund (be it cold hard readies or a credit note), direct replacement or repair if the item is faulty. The problem is that high street giants are being hit hard by the recession, and refunds are all to common. So they decide to make it harder to get a refund by using legal 'loopholes.' Whereas in previous years if you had a faulty item, you took it back. Now you take it back and they insist on a receipt. Lets be honest here. How many of you have receipts for every item you bought in the past year that could break? It's not only unfair, it's unrealistic. You buy something, it breaks, you get it repaired. That's the plan. The reality is the shop insist "we can't do anything without a receipt." I don't care if the company policy says you can only get it repaired on a Tuesday as long as you wear pink, the law is the law and it needs to be backed up. Trading Standards go from one of these giants to another on a regular basis, giving them a smack on the wrist and telling them not to do it again. What we need to do is have it that the shop has to repair or replace a faulty item without proof of purchase, unless they can prove the item isn't faulty. A law is there to protect us as consumers, but the reality is that the law is no good if it isn't upheld. In the meantime, I have written to the offending shop's head office, stating everything above. I'd like to see if they can come back with a satisfactory explanation.