King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, February 5

On looking like famous people.

I don't elude to be a celebrity look-alike, but I have in the past been compared to other people on the TV. BLS started it off when I was in my early teens.

This is renowned 'radish' Barry from Auf Wiedersehen Pet, played by Timothy Spall. Back in 1983/84 I was constantly subjected to "Barry" from BLS and Cynthia. This was not a good thing.

Some 6 years later, and I was acknowledged to have more then a passing resemblance to Kiefer "24" Sutherland, especially in profile. After the success of the Lost Boys, and being a teenager in need of getting his willie serviced, this was a good thing.

Now a couple of years later, and a boy band hit the scene. I was 21, and had the unfortunate task of looking very like (at the time) Gary Barlow, singer/songwriter of Take That, the then most popular boy band in the UK. This should have been a good thing, if it weren't for the fact that sitting on the bus I'd have teenage girls chanting "Gary Gary Gary Gaaaaaaarryyyyyyyyy" and blowing kisses.

And now, I just find myself being compared to lovable fat bloke Kevin James (he of King of Queens). Mind you, in my eyes I'm still my own distinctive self. Draw your own conclusions.