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Monday, February 22

On Meeting the family...

Something's occurred to me in my time in Ireland. I was introducing my blog to a few people whilst over there, and explaining about the nicknames for significant people on here. This got me to thinking maybe I should blog it, and then add a link so people can identify who's who.

Rik Aitch - Me. Pronounced Rik H, because that's what it's short for.
John Aitch - My son. Pronounced John H, for the same reason.
TDT - The Delightful Tania. My significant other.
BLS - Big Little Sister. She prefers LBS but that's the name of a Builder's merchants near here so we settled on BLS instead. So called because she's older then me and smaller then me. Yes, that means technically I'm LBB, Little Big Brother.
Cuz'n Doug (said with a deep south accent) - BLS's husband, my brother in law. Real name Doug, we had to name him Cuz'n Doug after seeing some TV programme about people in the deep south referring to their "cuz'ns"
C.A.R.Y.S. - Can Arsenal Ruin Your Season? My stateside niece, who always screams "Nooooo!" when I try to talk to her on the phone.
TAP, GOG - Dad in various disguises. TAP is The Aged Parent. GOG is the Grumpy Old Git.
Sharon - My best mate. Male, of the most blokey variety. Nicknamed Sharon because he felt there weren't enough female commenters.
Audrey - Another blogger who felt there weren't enough women on my blog. Also a bloke.
Bertie - Not a bloke. My ex, who comments from time to time. Named after a small child who couldn't pronounce her real name.

Watch out for the Irish contigent, who will have to have new nicknames added in the near future...