King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, April 6

Brain Strain, but easier.

First of all, the answer to last week's questions.

1. Brad Pitt. TDT got this first.

2. Madonna. BLS gets the points.

3. Al Pacino. I was surprised nobody got this.

4. Philip Glenister, to commemorate the return of Gene Hunt.

5. Mel Gibson. BLS got it again.

6. Ricky Gervais. Not only difficult, but also unfunny.

7. Jonathon Ross. And yes, the suit gives it away. TDT gets the points.

8. Meg Ryan. TDT got this one first as well.

9. I know, I know, easy peasy. Whoopi Goldberg.

10. Harrison Ford. Well done Debi (via facebook)

And so, for this week, something slightly different. After the long weekend, I thought I'd give you something easier. I then played with the images, and decided this would be more fun. Below are 10 images of world famous landmarks. Can you name them?

1. Let's start off easy, shall we?


3. I was surprised how fiendishly difficult this one came out.

4. Probably one of the most photographed buildings in the world.


6. This one could be taken from space. Maybe.

7. Just for TDT

8. This one's HARD. Hard I tell ya!

9. And so's this one. Bonus 100 points if you get this one right.

10. And finally, another easy one of my favourite London landmark.

Ok, hands up who's brain now hurts?