King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, April 13

Putting you out of your misery...

We're going to do something not taxing and a bit more fun this week. But first, the answers to last week's brainteasers.

1. This was easy. The Taj Mahal, and TDT got it first.

2. Again, it was easy, and again TDT got it. The Eiffel Tower.

3. No one got that this was the Pyramids. How many world famous landmarks are there in the desert???

4. Possibly the most photographed building in the world, it's the White House. TDT got it again.

5. I was impressed with Debster's suggestion of Big Ben, but no, it's the Coliseum in Rome. Debster gets half a point for impressing me!

6. The Great Wall of China. No one came close.

7. Admittedly it's not from the Republic of Ireland, but it's Irish so I thought TDT would get it. She didn't. Neither did anyone else.

8. I bet Pseudonymph's kicking herself now. The Sydney Opera House

9. This was hard before it was distorted. Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa.

10. Best. Bridge. Evah. TDT made the typical 'Merkinisation' and called it London Bridge. Then BLS stole the points with Tower Bridge.

Ok, so this week, I'd like your comments (lurkers 'n' all) on your best or worst memory of me. What reminds you of me? What single image defines what you think of me. Please, give me and TDT a laugh.