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Wednesday, June 9

The Goodies

Back in the 60s, Cambridge Footlights were churning out some comedy talent. Most famously, the Monty Python team, but at the same time 3 others from the same era were not interested in the "adult" themes of Monty Python, and wanted to take everyone's childish humour and flaunt it to death. They formed the Goodies.
Tim Brooke Taylor was studying law, Bill Oddie was studying English (in between ornithology trips) and Dr. Graeme Garden was studying medicine, something he went on to graduate in (hence the Doctor).
The premise was simple enough. They're three single men, all good eggs, who'd do anything for anyone. Their trademark silliness and 3 seater bicycle (the 'Trandom') all made them household names in the 70s, and also the fact they knocked over the Post Office Tower in London with an oversized kitten.

Who else can forget such joys like taking on the animated heroes of British Kids TV, and ending up chasing Dougal from the Magic Roundabout around the gardens of Chequers (Although most people remember it as the maze at Hampton Court)

They went on to get huge success. Saturday night teatime, one of the most prime TV spots in the schedules, and you'd have Doctor Who, Basil Brush and the Goodies. All we need now is the Heinz Beans on toast and the nostalgia would be complete. In the meantime, someone, somewhere, was laughing rather too hard at the episode Kung-Fu Kapers, and carked it with a heart attack. Brace yourself for the Grand Lancastrian Martial Art of Ecky Thump, taking on the French Martial Art of He-Haw He-Haw, the Welsh Martial Art of Iechyd Da, the Scottish Martial Art of Hoots mon and the Aussie Martial Art of Gooday Mate.
It's just so silly, it's unparalleled. It's also priceless.