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Thursday, June 24

On chlorinating the gene pool

The one thing I dislike about living in this area is some of the people. Don't get me wrong, the immediate area of the Swansea Valley is blessed to have people with some level of intelligence, but if you head in Swansea itself or further west to Llanelli etc, you'll find you get some truly ignorant people.
I refuse to shop in Asda in Swansea anymore. The regular customers wander around like lemmings, stopping and chatting with other lemmings or looking at items on the shelves, and managing to completely block the aisles. Then when you politely ask "excuse me, would you mind if I get past?" they look at you like you've just defecated on their offspring. Unfortunately this has spread to other shops in the Swansea area. John and I went shopping yesterday to get his phone sorted etc, and popped into a pound emporium. Again, people just stopping in the aisles, and then puzzling why they're being asked to move because no bugger else can get past.
Anyway, this level of selfishness has it's positive side. They are of the thinking "the world owes me nothing" and so they owe it nothing. This means it's only thinking of yourself and not caring about the consequences. This means that the more selfish people make some monumental mistakes leading to their death. This includes the bikers having a midlife crisis and overtaking in the wrong place, at the wrong time and much too fast, leading to the gene pool becoming a little clearer. Don't get me wrong, I'm not agreeing death is the best option. Ok, so I am a bit. Death is an unfortunate fact of life, and if you get killed off in true Darwin Awards style, then this is best for us as a species.
So, let me prove my point. If the lights at a railway level crossing are flashing, what does this mean? It means "There's a train coming. Don't fuck with it. You won't win." This is bad enough if you're in your car. Even worse if you have your kids with you. But, and here's the crunch, what about if you don't have a car, just a pushchair.

(courtesy of the BBC News website here)
Yes, staggering isn't it. Now, admittedly it would be tragic for the child in the pushchair if they got hit. I don't for a second think that the child deserves death for such an incompetent parent. But the parent doesn't deserve that child in the first place. There are plenty of childless couples trying for children themselves, and yet some woman like this gets to abuse the right to have that child by doing something as stupid as this.
Sympathy? You've got to be kidding me.