King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Tuesday, July 27

On blowing things up.

That should get the CIA checking my blog...

Here are the answers to last week's massively magnified images.

1. Yes, a USB Plug. Well done Newbie Bob

2. A hair dryer.  Again, Bob got the points.

3. A dishwasher, full of green dishes. I thought this was hard. Bob didn't.

4. A phone keypad. Ok, hands up who thought it said "open?"

5. A Yale key. The strange angle didn't seem to bother Sewmouse, who gets the points.

6. A Network cable. I thought this was quite easy. Apparently not. No one got it.

7. Garlic Bread. John thought this looked like some sick. Sometimes I worry about that boy. Bob gets half a point.

8. A suitcase. I thought the bracket on top of the case might have given it away. No one got the points.

9. An iPhone. Easy Peasy, and bob got it first.

10. A corkscrew. Bob romped away again.

There's no quiz this week, on account of me being in North Wales next week, and unable to post very easily. So, why not have a quiz between us. I'll start the ball rolling, by asking a question. The next person to read the question has to answer truthfully, and then they can ask a question. This should produce some eyebrow raising moments. So, my question to you is:
What are you doing today?