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Wednesday, September 29

On Celebrity Practical Jokes.

TDT and I had spent a long but delightful day in Galway yesterday. I have to say, it's an amazing city. It's like every other decent European city, with clean streets, large squares and friendly pubs. More on that tomorrow anyway. Last night we watched an old VHS tape I'd told her about, where Noel Edmonds (yes, he of Deal or no deal kiddies) had a prime time Saturday night show not directly involving singing or dancing. He had a slot of the show where he would play a practical joke on a well known celebrity. It's only 6 of them, including the Dale Winton Gotcha, involving a stolen BMW, a late bride and her broken down limo, and a bishop on a motorbike with a side-car.

The best thing about this is where Dale Winton sees Noel and thinks it's a wind up, then doesn't, then does again. It's priceless.
The most famous Gotcha of all time was Dave Lee Travis. At the time he had the morning slot of Saturdays on Radio 1. A long time friend of Noel Edmonds, he was prime victim, and when Noel hijacks his show with the 'fun' Pub Quiz Darts game thingy, the result is amazing. Listen out for some of the answers in the background like "What is what the French call a Pom?" and the shout of "Aussie" is clearly heard from the contestants. Unfortunately DLT doesn't see the funny side, and apparently he hasn't spoken to Noel as a friend since. It's such a shame he didn't see the funny side.

And on to my all time favourite. It was voted the best Gotcha ever, and it really is intelligent humour of the highest calibre. Watch out for the letters "omethings" and no one spots "something," meaning everyone gasps and his flabber is gasted when he suggests it.