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Monday, September 6

On daft theories.

I have a theory that some might consider daft. I suggest that some people in history have actually been time travellers, who have travelled back in time and put their known theories to us in a way that we might listen. And, in true sceptical humanity, we laugh at them or discount what they thought. Here's my list so far.
  • Leonardi Da Vinci. He had ideas about such things as the helicopter, the tank and the double hull. He also had loads of small ideas. He's a prime example of my time travelling theory.
  • Nikola Tesla. He invented alternating current (AC) and had theories that meant that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly. His list of patents is just bizarrely compelling.
  • Arthur C Clarke. Ok, so he doesn't hold hundreds of patents, but he did write some books that look surprisingly realistic a few years later.
  • Albert Einstein. We all know the great physicist, but he was way ahead of his time. We should be sitting back and getting suspicious.
  • Stephen Hawking. The latest victim of my theory, maybe his time machine broke meaning he was made ill. 
Any additions would be welcomed. Let's face it, if there is a time machine in the future, you can be sure that if someone did travel back in time, some of them would abuse the facility. Maybe more have done so, but have followed the rules and not used their knowledge to their power.