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Thursday, September 2

On vodka pints

TDT has got me into bad habits. I would very rarely have vodka until just over a year ago, and when we were together I'd find myself enjoying a Vodka and Diet Coke tipple. The problem is that Vodka does two strange things to me. First of all, it completely destroys any memory I have of the time I'm drinking it. This is both annoying and embarrassing. It also makes me wake up. Any other alcohol makes me fall asleep, so I don't normally drink that much. I know I'm falling asleep, so I go to bed before I get too drunk. With Vodka, this is a bad thing, because I just keep on going.
Saturday night and we went to the local with friends. I wasn't drinking, mainly because I was driving home. I'd been up early, and so I knew that all 3 of us would be shattered and home early. Then TDT pulled the usual "let's stay up all night," line. No chance. TDT was, in her words, "twisted" and considering how little she'd had I took this as a reflection of how tired she was. We finally got to bed a little after midnight, and slept like logs.
Settling into my new home on Monday night and we remembered the new bottle of Vodka we'd brought over with us. "Just one little drink" said TDT, who had work on Tuesday. So, being the responsible barman, I gave her small drinks of Vodka and coke, and myself pints of it. Apparently we had conversations about baby's names. I don't remember. We watched stuff on TV, which I don't remember. We went to bed about midnight, but I don't remember. All I do remember is waking up at 2:30, feeling distinctly pissed. I staggered into the bathroom and had a pee, swaying in the wind, before returning to bed.
The next day, I examined the Vodka bottle. Over three quarters had gone, and I'm sure it wasn't me. I'd remember drinking that much. No, really I would.