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Tuesday, October 19

On Irish Road Markings

In Wales we'd have normally one thing written on the Roads. "Slow", followed by "Araf" for sharp bends. Admittedly, if you went into the thriving metropolis that is Swansea, you'd find lanes with destinations written in shorthand on it. Such things as "S'sea" (Great if you want to go to Southsea) or "M'ston" (Great if you have a footballing offspring). Here in Ireland they feel the need to warn you about everything. The standard "Slow" sign wouldn't be enough, and "dainsear" (Danger) wouldn't appear to be conducive to the easy way of Irish life. So, they're more specific. The other thing they do is if they're more than one word, they paint them in the order you'd see them. So, on the road you'd first see Bus, followed by Lane. This means that from the air, it says
" Bus "
In the village here we would appear to have slightly aggressive youths, because outside the school it warns of "Crossing Children." I haven't come across a school for less then able children, but I do hope they don't have "Slow Children" outside. I have also seen lanes directing me to "Place Market" and "Centre Town," but I've yet to see a sign for "Holes Pot" which would explain why the roads are so bumpy. Mind you, at least Limerick is signposted Limerick. In Wales it would probably be written as "L'ick," which if you've seen some of the local Limerick residents, is probably something they do on a regular basis, on the road anyway. All I'm waiting for now is adverts to appear. Such gems as "Soap Use" and "Teeth Your Brush" would enlighten my day, but "Genius Pure" kinda looses it's exclamation when it comes to Guinness. And let us not forget, as Christmas approaches