King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, October 28

Taste, the difference.

I eat anything really. I'll certainly try anything once. TDT however doesn't, and she's horrified at the things I would eat on a regular basis if she let me. Back in school I was of the "packed lunch" variety, and one of my favourite sandwiches was cheese and jam. I also liked cheese and pickled onion. Both are not traditional tastes.
I'd like to introduce you to true student fayre. TDT never went to college, so she was never subjected to the breadline caused by student loans and the need for 1p tins of baked beans from Aldi. The other staple of students is bread. A 20p loaf would last the average family at least 3 days, but it would last a student an attack of the munchies about half an hour. BLS was at college in Cardiff when she introduced me to brown sauce on toast, and it would be the one thing I'd eat forever. I never tire of it as you get the sweetness of the sauce, the saltiness of the butter and the crunchy bitterness of the crust.
The other night I introduced TDT to Chicago Town pizzas. Yes, I know, it's shocking she's never tasted them before but the education continues. She was delighted with the taste of them, and yet was horrified when I mentioned that they're great as sandwiches.
"What do you mean, sandwiches?" she asked.
"You know, where you put one in between two slices of bread. Yum!" came the reply.
"Yuck! That's disgusting."
As I said, the education is continuing. Another true level of student fayre was curry. The problem with curry is the chicken/beef/lamb isn't cheap, so when I was 19 I was introduced to the student curry with three ingredients. Boil the rice, and put on a plate. With the now empty saucepan, add a 1p tin of baked beans, and a large spoon or two of curry powder. Heat and dish up on the rice. Simple, edible curry on a truly cheap budget. You buy the curry powder in bulk, you buy the rice in bulk. The beans are cheap enough. And it doesn't need to take up space from your fridge filled with Harp lager or Merrydown cider.
I have to admit that my tastes can sometimes go too far, but no more than eating oysters or snails. I've eaten snails, but I find my bogies taste better but have the same consistency. I haven't eaten oysters, but you can be sure they'd be bungee food, in that they'd go down and come straight back up. I don't mind the budget stuff in supermarkets. TDT likes real diet coke, costing about €2.50 a bottle, whereas I'm perfectly happy with the cheap shit put out by Tesco for 45c each.  I'll take anything in the bargain bucket of the supermarket and use it if it's almost out of date, whereas TDT will look at product's sell by dates so she can pick the freshest.
Like I said, it's all done in the best possible taste.