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Monday, October 11

To the Birthday Boy!

I'll do the practical part first and then the soppy part.

This day in history:
1976: China's 'Gang of Four' arrested - Kung Fu Fighters perhaps?
1974: Labour scrapes working majority - Politics MEH!
1982: Mary Rose rises after 437 years - a ship I hasten to add!
1967: Harold Wilson wins Moving apology - The Move pop group apologises in the High Court to the Prime Minister for a "violent and malicious personal attack". Oooooh Controversy...
1987: Search ends for Loch Ness monster - Where had you moved to Rik?

1971: Richard (Rik) Thomas Hughes was born.

Celebrities that share the same birthday:
Henry John Heinz (166 yrs old) 57 varieties of Heinz ketchup
Eleanor Roosevelt (126 yrs old) US first lady
Dawn French (53 yrs old) Comedian
Joan Cusack "who's Irish" (48 years old) Voice of cowgirl "Jesse" in Toy Story 2

Rik Hughes (39 yrs old) Blogger fanatic and bain of my life, oh I mean "love" of my life.

I wish for you all the happiness and contentment in life that you truly deserve and many more years of making people laugh, cry and smile.

You are truly one in a million.

Yours always, TDT xxxxx