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Wednesday, November 10

On rare footage

As anyone will tell you, I'm as big a fan of Only Fools and Horses as they come. Back in 1996, the writer John Sullivan decided it was time to call it a day, and made them become "Millyunaires." It was the following year they decided it would be time the best TV comedy ever did something in return for their viewers and also for charity, so they did a short skit for Comic Relief. No reference was made to the previous news of making their fortunes, and it was just treated like a normal episode. At the time, David Jason was also working on "Frost", a crime drama based around Detective Inspector Jack Frost, a far departure from Del Boy. Nicholas Lyndhurst was also working on another sitcom called "Goodnight Sweetheart," the tale of a normal man who found he could walk down an alleyway into 1941 and wartime East End London. You'll note in the episodes how references are made to both, and is very well written. The best thing about it is if you've never seen them before, you get an idea of what they're about. Watch out for Uncle Albert's "during the war..." and them both mumbling "Oh gawd..."