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Wednesday, November 3

On streetlights

Surely you remember this video, from about 5 years ago?

Well, imagine my delight when I came across other videos done by the same guy. He has a channel on Youtube, and in recent years he's uploaded his light shows for us all to see. I only found this out yesterday, and I sat and watched with delight as one video followed another of his work over Halloween. Apparently most of these shows don't use much more electricity now than boiling the kettle, which is staggering when you look at the amount of light. The advent of bright LEDs has made this possible, and if you know what you're doing you could sequence a priceless display, in time with anything. Most amazingly however, this guy doesn't do it for personal gain. Apparently he has a collection for the local charity, and viewers contribute. I say he should get a knighthood, if nothing else, for being so original.
Here are my favourites, Michael Jackson's Thriller and The Halloween song from the "Nightmare before Christmas"