King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Friday, December 10

On gauging couples

I had a dream. No, it didn't involve freedom for all men peace in our time. It involved taking couples and working out their 3 letter name. So, according to my theory, TDT and I would be RAT. Rik and TDT. Easy. So then I got thinking about others.
BLS and Cuz'n Doug would be SAD. *guffaw*
Welsh Druid Bryn would be BAD.
Pseudonymph would be KAG. Sounds like an Aussie word if ever I heard one.
Scaryduck would be AAV. Maybe he should set up a computer firm called "AAV IT."
My Dad has been AAR, AAJ, AAR2, AAE (never a truer word said on that one!) or currently AAP.
TDT's Colleague Mary, and her husband Des. Yes. MAD.

Do you have any you can think of? Maybe have a ponder over the weekend. TDT and I are off to drink a hotel dry at the company's Christmas party. My liver can't take much more of this.