King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Thursday, January 6

On the 12 days of Christmas

And so, as the 12 days pass by, TDT had pushed the boat out with gifts for me. I've gone deaf from the 12 drummers now in the sitting room (I'm not allowed to call it the lounge) and the 22 pipers piping. The cat's been hiding in the corner, avoiding the 30 parliamentary peers and 36 women dancing around a handbag. Meanwhile, out in the backgarden we're going to have to re-turf the grass after having 40 cows being milked, and the water tank in the loft is all clogged up with feathers from the 42 swans. The 42 geese in the utility room are even noisier then the drummers and pipers, and the influx of eggs is even more disturbing when they will be starting to hatch. I have to admit I am however delighted in the 40 gold rings, of which I can use to pay for the repairs that'll be needed doing. Up in our bedroom it's positively become a menagerie, what with 36 calling birds, 30 french hens, 22 turtle doves and 12 partridges. The smell, oh my, the smell, you have no idea! It's kind of ironic, when you those that know TDT know how scared she is of birds.
12 days of Christmas? Bring on the Easter eggs.