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Wednesday, January 26

On the best medicine

There is a wealth of crap on the internet in terms of videos. Admittedly, a tiny tiny proportion of it is mine (see blog post from 2 weeks ago), but a lot of it is a lot more popular than it should be. One of the biggest pages on youtube is of a baby biting another boy's finger...

This is just vomit-worthy cutesy-ness, but for some reason people (mostly women) find this adorable. This then leads me to my next point. Take another baby, and make it laugh. Guaranteed to have women saying "awwwww" and "bless," before they forward it on to all their friends. This'll be why it's had millions of hits.

But, my point is this. We love to watch things that involving someone laughing. We all watch the outtake tv shows where our favourite programmes are interrupted from filming by the actors laughing.

Again, priceless laughter guaranteed to have even my father smirking like a loon. But, and here's the point, we love to watch laughter. And boy did I find something good this week. TDT has a new phone, and I wanted some laughter to make her message tone, so it'll brighten her day each time she gets a message. And then I found a video. I think it's Larry the Cable Guy, interviewing three members of the audience. As he chats to the guy on the right, out of earshot on the guy in the middle. It would appear he has a contagious laugh. I nearly choked when I heard him, and have to share it with you. Presenting, the most contagious laughter ever...