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Thursday, January 20

On the best single Windows command ever

You know what it's like. You want to back up everything on your pc, but not use some fancy-pants program to do the backing up. You just want to copy everything you're likely to want to keep to another drive, maybe a USB one or maybe another internal drive. The problem is, you don't want it to back up everything more than once. If it's not changed since the last time, then don't back it up again. And so, I started experimenting with the old dos command "xcopy." After a marathon reading session, I came up with this line...
xcopy /e /y /c /m /i %homedrive%%homepath%\*.* e:\backup\%username%
Obviously, change the e: to whichever drive you want to backup to. I even made it into a batch file I can keep on the desktop so I can just double click it, and it does the rest. It's far from perfect, but it's quick and effective. Please, help yourself to it. If you can use it, you should.