King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, February 23

On current films

Ok, so TDT and I went out on Valentines Day to see a film. The chosen one was ideal for Valentine's Day, being based on Romeo and Juliet, but a computer animation and in 3D, and it ticked all the right boxes. Gnomeo and Juliet is a remake of the most famous love story of all time, but had been tweaked for kids so it wasn't such a tragedy. It featured an excellent cast, including Michael Caine ("Oi, Cupid, stop shooting those bloody arrars at me.") and Patrick Stewart ("Make it so"), and it also had the music of Elton John (and yes, I admit, I like the early music of Elton John). You'll get the jist from this week's first video.

Now, secondly, we got to watch Despicable me. If you haven't seen this, you will have missed out on some of the best characters. Just like it's predecessor before (Ice Age), the main film is good, but the sub plot involving his "minions" is just as good as any "scrat". The trailer gives you an idea what to expect, but doesn't show enough of these comedy genii (??).

And so a brief search on youtube finds us the best of the Minions I laughed myself silly, and I hope you do too.