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Monday, February 14

On ideas

One of my many problems is my brain doesn't like to turn off. This means I can have some ideas for things, and they're really really bizarre. When TDT and I first got together, she'd ask me, "what are you thinking?" The reply of "how to close a door with just magnets from my mobile phone" came as a shock and so she stopped asking. But sometimes I have good ideas, and I think I've had one. The problem is, my programming skills when it comes to stuff on the internet and more specifically Flash just isn't up to the job. So, maybe someone else will see this and agree it's a good idea, and have the skill.
You've all seen my videos I've done the past couple of years of timelapse photography on a long distance. If you haven't, here's the last one I did, a couple of years ago from the old house to Holyhead through Wales.

So, with google doing the honours with the driving, what about if we could just make a video of where they've been? Imagine typing in your start and finishing points, and then a script intercepts google streetview's vast database, and downloads each image along the route. It then pieces each image together, maybe each step is a frame or every other step, and you end up with a video timelapse of your route. This is a good thing. You could have fun for hours, piecing together from your home to your holiday caravan, or from your childhood home to somewhere involving a long journey as a child. Or even just a 10 minute journey cut down to a couple of seconds. Either way, it'll be fun and useful.
Now, if only I could get to grips with the programming...