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Wednesday, June 8

More on Facial Recognition

First of all, here are the answers to the facial recognition from weeks ago!

Image 1.The Two Ronnies.Well done, Alice.

Image 2. Ant and Dec. Alice got the points again.

Image 3. Posh and Becks. I think it's the first time my father got one!

Image 4. Foster and Allen. For the Irish contingent... Pays to get in there first Alice, doesn't it?

Image 5. Fry and Laurie. Yes, he was funny. No, he wasn't just in House and Stuart Little. Well done Debster.

Image 6. French and Saunders.

Image 7. Little and Large. Debster got there again.

Image 8. Too hard, apparently. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, anyone?

Image 9. Punt and Dennis. Alice got it again.

Image 10. I was right about no one getting this. Daryl Hall and John Oates. Go on, hate me.

I'll be back tomorrow with a new quiz, all about rhyming slang.