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Wednesday, August 3

On Dragon's Den

For those that haven't seen this show, it's basically a talent show for nerds. You have 5 'dragons', the monetary equivalent of Simon Cowell or Sharon Osbourne, and members of the public come on and show their talent for something innovative. The prize isn't a recording contract, just the money they ask for, and all for a share of the business.
The fact is, some of these "auditionees" come on with what they would deem a good idea. The rest of us would deem them "shit." The two surf dudes who came on with a beach towel printed to look like a surf board, and claimed it was a serious surfing aid were case and point. First of all, how many surfers are there? How many are learning to get onto their board? How many are going to put what they learn into practice? And he wanted 'faaasan's" to help make these towels. The Dragons, understandably, laughed at him, the towels, and the general stupidity of it.
Some have gone on to be successful. The guy who pitched an egg boiler. "You put your egg in," he'd say, "and set the timer." It then didn't work. So he showed them the back up. That also broke. He returned to the first one, which again failed. But, amazingly, he got an investment. The next day he was on Breakfast TV, where the machine again didn't work. Is it any wonder I haven't seen them on the shelves yet?
And on to this week's video. The most successful pitch was a simple pitch. A Jamaican music producing Rastafarian took his mother's recipe for a sauce, spiced it up a bit, and spent the last 15 years selling it at the Notting Hill Carnival. He had orders, but not as many as he thought. He was only asking £50,000, and he gets it. He's now a millionaire, with bottles of the stuff in every supermarket, deals with Birds eye for a frozen chicken chargrill, Sub-way, Wetherspoons (the pub chain for the discerning chav), a few other pub chains, and even Domino's Pizza. He even has peanuts, something he's no longer earning.
Presenting, the charismatic genius that is Levi Roots.

Levi Roots on Dragon's Den