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Monday, August 15

On lightning balls

So there I was on Thursday evening, checking my email and bookface. TDT had gone to bed about 15 minutes earlier, and suddenly there was a powercut. Looking around, I thought something had tripped out the house (like you do) and was just spinning around to get up when the power came back on.
"Strange" I thought to myself. "Must've been a brief power..."
The whole house shook in what must have been one of the loudest noises ever. My first reaction was it was a plane crash (being this close to the Transatlantic emergency airport causes you to have these thoughts), but I realised pretty damn quickly it was thunder. I leapt up and went upstairs to check on TDT, who was just dozing. Amazingly, the rumble was still going on, and must have lasted well over 30 seconds. I went back downstairs, and was expecting to see more lightning. The neighbours were all outside, looking out for more themselves, but the rain was coming down in a huge torrent.
Now, here's the strange thing. There was no lightning before the thunder. This, coupled with the fact the thunder was so damn loud, makes me think it was ball lightning. This phenomenon can be a ball that moves through the sky, and as it's plasma container disintegrates, it can explode. This would cause a) a fuck off loud noise, and b) an electro-magnetic pulse which would knock out power. More proof of the EMP is sensitive equipment would be affected. My old PC, upstairs, no longer wants to fire up and the security light no longer wants to turn off in the porch. Even stranger, people that live outside the immediate area didn't even hear the thunder or see lightning. I know everyone in Ennis heard it, but I don't know how far it's effects were felt.
I kinda wish if it was ball lightning, I'd have seen it. Such a rare phenomenon (do-do-do-do-dooo) that a lot of people still deny exists.