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Monday, September 12

On modern characters

I got thinking. What would the characters of Asterix and Obelix be if they were in modern times?

Asterix the Gaul would be Asterix the Frenchman.
Obelix would be a white van man.
Getafix the druid would be a pharmacist.
Dogmatix would be a pitbull.
Chief Vitalstatistics would be the local politician.
Cacofonix would be a C list celebrity (probably appearing on Strictly Come Dancing)
Geriatrix would be living on his own, eating Kitekat.
Mrs. Geriatrix would be Anna Nicole Smith.
Psychoanalytix would be a shrink.
Unhygienix would be struggling to make a living from the North Sea fish quotas.
Fulliautomatix would have an account with Machine Mart.
Polytechnix would be a teacher.
Postaldistrix would be working for Fed Ex.
Justforkix would be an extreme sports specialist.