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Tuesday, December 13

On Masterchef, the drinking game...

You know the sort of thing. A list of rules that when someone says or does something, you have to take a drink. And so, presenting, Masterchef, the drinking game.

  • When someone mentions an extraordinary journey.
  • When a chef says they want this more than anything else, in the world, evah.
  • When the presenters look at each other in horror.
  • Gregg Wallace tastes something, and says "aww mate...."
  • They mention either not enough or too much seasoning. Just say salt and pepper!
  • Someone cuts their finger, and can be seen nearly fainting before trying to carry on.
  • The judges mention the number of levels the dish meets.
  • Gregg Wallace mentions how "food doesn't get tougher than this..."
  • "The chicken is nice and moist."
  • Monica Galetti's eyes bulge.
  • One of the judges exclaims an oxymoron. Something like "it shouldn't work, but it does."
  • Jus, purée, Scallops or Asparagus feature
  • "the fish is perfectly cooked."
  • A chef is "gutted."
Please to add your own.