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Monday, April 19

I think it's time to put you out of your misery...

Those of you interested in the answers to the quiz will be glad to know, here they are and explanations why...

1. The highest reigning Monarch in England is the Queen, which makes it a Queendom, although officially it's a Kingdom. On this premise that makes the highest reigning monarch in Wales the Prince of Wales, meaning Wales is a Principality. In Scotland it is the Duke of Edinburgh, so Scotland by definition is a Duchy.
2. Very close Lou, but no banana. A lumen is a unit of brightness onto a flat surface, but if you could measure it in a cubic metre, then it becomes Lux.
3. We could argue all day about scientific words, technical words etc, but the longest word in the Standard English dictionary is Antidisestablishmentarianism. (twit!)
4. Yes yes, you all knew it was typewriter. Those smart arses that thought it is Repertoire, since when was repertoire English?
5. Yes, the cat. Not so sure about the Llama :S (checks Noah etc.)
6. The 'man that never was' was a dead soldier during World War 2, who was made out to be a very high ranking spy. They *planted* his plane crash with plans to invade Greece, so the Germans and Italians moved there ready for the attack, and we invaded Sicily instead. Genius... He was captured in Spain, knowing that the Spanish although neutral would hand him over to the Germans.
7 . Bananarama is the obvious choice, but that was in 1986. Don Pablo's Animals were in 1990. (don't you hate trick questions)
8. A word that sounds like it is spelt. Like Poof, Grandad, Hit.
9. We (hopefully) all know the Latin for counting like tri=3 pent=5 etc etc. Anything between a 10 sided shape and a 19 sided shape has the 10 denoted in the form of dec so a 10 sided shape is a decagon. Add to it the extra sides as in 8 and you get an octodecagon.
10. Telnet is the internet based network. You can still use it in windows, by going to start, run, and typing something like "telnet". Not that it will do a lot.

Any comments or corrections will be gratefully received :)

The new wave of Piracy?

I read with interest last week on B3ta about downloading TV series on 'Bit Torrents'. Is this the new form of Piracy? I do hope so. My personal collection of such delights as Red Dwarf has excelled. I even got the bext of Pixar short films on there. I think my next post will be how to do this. It's very cool.