King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Wednesday, April 21

The inferiority complex is interesting...

You know the situation. You know someone who thinks very little about themself, even though it is blatantly and obviously wrong. Take my friend at the moment (no names...). She has been mistreated in the past, and now thinks very little of herself. She's intelligent (more then she lets on, in fact), pretty, hard working, and loyal, and yet is single. If she were a fish, she would be adorning some mantlepiece in a pub somewhere. If she were a car, she would probably have her own spot at Beaulieu.
Every person is an individual, and in her case she wants to stay that way. Perhaps this is the whole purpose of an inferiority complex, who knows? All I know is she's wrong about how low down the food chain she is, and she can keep me up late as often as she wants.