King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Saturday, April 24

Lessons in driving

Well today has been an interesting day with regards to driving. I have had 2 gigs today, one this afternoon and one this evening. The one this afternoon was a very good friend's daughter's birthday, and so I was more then happy to do the gig for him. Money past hands, and off I went to get the gear from our regular haunt at lunchtime. Towing a trailer is a bit of a black art, and those that have tried it will testify to this. This does not, I hasten to add, give you permission to drive at 22 mph on the M4 in the middle lane, as your partner shouts at you, "don't let them intimidate you Howard, it's not a bloody race track." Still, some do.

Well upon getting to the gig we are faced with a somewhat daunting hill up to the backdoor of the establishment, where said gear will have to go in through. To be honest, as I set about turning around ready to reverse, I am sure I saw Eddie Edwards heading south at great velocity. Well I successfully negotiated what seemed like the north face of the Eigar, but couldn't make the twitch to the left and up to the door. Call me a wimp but I handed over to my fellow DJ, who sat in the car, revved a couple of times, and the car sort of went 'hiissssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh.' He looked at me, I looked at him and then shouted at the top of my voice, "You blew up my car you wanker!" He just laughed. I didn't.

Gig over, and we refilled the radiator, and all was well again. On the way to the second gig we noticed a sublime amount of steam coming out from under the bonnet.

He asked me, "did you tighten the cap on the expansion tank?"

"No," I replied, "Did you?"

There then followed a momentary moment of hysteria until we realised the lights had changed, and the cars behind were getting a little impatient. Did we learn our lesson. Do we ever?