King of Excellent (according to Scaryduck)

Sunday, May 30

Who's idea was it for Bank holiday weekends anyway?

What is it that possesses a person to think, "I know, I have a few days off. We'll go away and we will be the only people thinking this is a good idea."

Yeah, right.

Everyone going to the beach, at once. Fools Here's a question. Where do people that live in holiday destinations go on bank holidays? Well in my case, I go to big cities.

This weekend I are mostly be in Bristol, so I headed down the M4 with the cockiest grin as I watched what was basically a tail back for a truly staggering 90 miles. I got to the M5 junction and smugness really set in, as I witnessed the tailback that was now formed from Birmingham to past the Avonmouth Bridge. Its a truly wonderful feeling, and the good thing about it is there is no guilt about feeling so *chuffed* at the poor muppets with the screaming kids and the dog with the bad breath all getting frustrated at the fact it has just taken them the past 60 minutes to get one complete revolution of their wheel.

I used to know Bristol really well, but 6 years on and my general memory of the town has become overly swiss cheesed. I had a good idea where I was going, and promptly forgot it once I got off the motorway. Fortunately I had a top notch navigator in the form of my son, who was particularly useful with instructions such as "Daddy, I'm sure you should have gone up there," and, "Why are we going to Bath?"

Still, could be worse. I could be asking him to navigate me to a beach somewhere in Wales.