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Friday, April 1

The future is here?

Matt Nagle

This is Matthew Nagle, a Quadroplegic from just outside of Boston, US. He was an unfortunate crime statistic when he was stabbed in the neck helping a friend in a fracas a few years ago. He's been lucky (?) enough to be selected as one of the first people to have a brain implant meaning that a computer can read his thoughts and act upon them. This can be such delights as playing Pong or Tetris, or drawing. But more importantly it'll allow him greater movement and independence, and this is a good thing.

Since my days of first studying computer electronics 14 years ago, I have believed that this is possible. An inspired Royal Institute Christmas Lecture a few years ago by Kevin Warwick, a clever if slightly monotone brummie, showed how computers can read brain impulses and act upon them. He was scalded by people saying he was acting God, when in reality he was just trying to help people in this situation.

Are we on the edge of a new revolution?

I hope so.