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Tuesday, April 12

Contamination Alert

Little Johnaitch has been unwell. Nothing new there, not when you are only 10 years old. He was out all day Saturday playing Manhunt or some such rough and ready game, and when he came in he was saying his waist and back were hurting. He went back out on Sunday, but was home by lunchtime, again complaining of pain and this time he was feeling sick. By the early evening he went without much tea, and by midnight he was blowing chunks. I have to admit I was worried. He had all the symptoms of appendicitis, and after the sort of play he'd been doing I knew it was definitely a possibility. I took his temperature to be sure, but that seemed normal so I just phoned NHS direct, and then spoke to a GP over the phone. He just assured me it was a tummy bug, and as long as it didn't worsen John would be fine.

No school for him yesterday then. I was out most of the morning, and so he was allowed dry toast when I got in at lunchtime. I knew he was better when I went to have a bit of pudding left over from Sunday night, and found he'd been into it with his fingers.

So this morning off he goes to school. I couldn't have been more then 10 mintues from the school coming home, when I get a call from the head asking me to go and collect him. They were sending him home on the advice of Environmental Health, who'd intervened when 25 children from his class alone were sent home yesterday feeling poorly. It must have been like the Marie Celeste in the school today. I even had a phone call from the local authority Environmental Health office to ask about his symptoms, where he'd been, and was I interested in getting them a sample of his stools.


I declined. I've seen flies pass out at the stench caused by him on the loo. You honestly expect me to go poking around in one of his logs???

Wish Me Luck

Back in court tomorrow re this lack of insurance thingy. After all is finished, I think I am going to take the story to the newspapers. If you ask for coverage from your insurance company for something, then find out they haven't implemented it and they say it's not their problem, is it your fault?