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Wednesday, April 13


Fame at last (well soft of)

My son's situation makes the news here

In court

6 points and £100 fine. I can't complain too much. I thoroughly believe that the judge was for once fair. I had to hold my hands up to driving without insurance, but I did state that the insurance company had misinformed me. I then had to state why I shouldn't have my licence suspended for 2 months, and I just played on the fact that I live 3 miles form my nearest shop, and 4 miles from my son's school. They accepted this and had to then give me pretty well the minimum sentence for pleading guilty to driving with no insurance. So that's what they did.

So, there you have it. Next time you contact your insurance company, get it in writing whatever you need to be 101% sure that you are covered. If you think you are covered now, get it double checked. If you don't and you get stopped you will get an IN10 on your driving licence, and the only people to benefit from an endorsement on your driving licence are your insurance company.

Sounds like a money making scheme to me.

Insurance companies = crooks. All of 'em