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Friday, April 15

I'm not so sure about this election...

Mosh mentioned this website...

I kept getting this message: "Traffic has been overwhelming - if the submit button doesn't appear, please refresh the page!"

Is this because whatever the fuckwits promise, the local councils will find a way of twisting it to fuck up what ever you're idea of what they're promising is, they don't have to provide it.

Rumour Mongering.

Apparently the situation at my son's school has deepened. I got a phonecall today stating that the school was going to be steamed and disinfected over the weekend, and then I heard the rumour that the school had been closed this afternoon with a whopping 90 children (out of 250 or so...) off sick*. Perhaps they should look into the shit that they have to serve on behalf of Jamie Oliver?

No evidence of this apart from a busy body neighbour.

P.S. Welcome...

... to my new next door neighbours. The poor buggers.