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Wednesday, August 17

Those that know me...

...know that I am rather partial to a bit of speed. Not the Amphetamine kind (not anymore anyway) but the velocitous kind, mainly in my car. Twice I have been clobbered for speeding. Once for doing 77 on the motorway (albeit in a 50 zone where hundreds, nay thousands, have been done on the M4 at Port Talbot), and once for doing 40 in a 30.

The best thing for the poxy bastard machine...

So imagine my delight when it was announced that the freedom of information act has been applied to speed cameras. The Police's policy of speeders is that if you are doing 10% + 5mph over the speed limit, then they will book you. More interestingly however, is that the grey area between the speed limit and the actual booking is called a "near miss," and these are counted on a national database. If you accumulate over 20 of these near misses, then you are sent a penalty anyway. This database is most interesting and is available online here. You must create a login first (click "create login" on the right), then once you are logged in, type in your car registration number. The database only lists the last 12 months, but in the event you have been a naughty little boy or girl, sometimes the actual picture of the offence is available.

Do let me know how you get along.